Can you stop botox once you start?

What we need to understand is the aging process continues throughout the years that we have botox. When i used to consult with patients i often got surprised looks or actual comments of, “you have botox?” it used to make me feel great, because i’m hoping these commenters were thinking i was either too young for botox, or i had such a natural looking result. You do have to use botox regularly to maintain the desired benefits. Thanks for printing!


The threat of this texture returning is what plagued me the most. You do have to use botox regularly to maintain the desired benefits. I however, was still pretty upset by the fact that i would have to be botox-free for so long. Your wrinkles will not get worse if you stop using botox.

Discontinuing botox will make you no worse off than you would have been without using it. Stopping botox after several years usage will not make your wrinkles worse. A major concern is what the outcome will be after the product wears off and they worry that they will actually look worse than if they never had anything done. Basically, you have kept them from becoming fixed lines.


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You’ll notice your lines coming back during those months that you aren’t having your regular botox treatments. The same is true of fillers–well, let me specify, the same is true of hyaluronic acid fillers. If you would like us to send you a free copy of our practice magazine your beauty, just fill out the form and we’ll pop it in the mail to you right away. If there is some reason you decide to never have botox again (why would you do that to yourself:), then you’ll find that the lines you’ve been preventing start to get deeper with muscle movement and eventually become creases in your skin.


Do i have to keep using botox once i start?

They will go back to close where it would have been if you didn’t use botox at all. However, since botox has weakened these muscles, they have not had years to get stronger and ultimately deeper in appearance. Of course, as we age, we lose our own volume (fat, muscle, and bone in our faces), so more filler will be needed to get the same results you had when you were much younger. But sadly, over the last 3 years the fact that i’ve been perpetually pregnant or breast-feeding has meant that i’ve had to put my botox journey on hold.


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They can also be used to fill in the smile lines, marionette lines, vertical lip lines, temples, eye hollows, and any other lines on your face. I thought a quick blog post might help all the others out there who might be wondering this same thing, but haven’t had a chance to ask. You age normally while using botox so there are no ill effects of stopping. With that said, when a patient has used botox for an extended period of time, they tend to forget what the “before” pictures look like until we pull them out.


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The moral of the story is, if you’ve never had botox don’t be concerned about what your skin will look like if you decide to stop. But this is due to normal aging, not due to any filler use. The benefits of your prior botox treatments will eventually be gone, but you would still have gained all the wrinkle-free years you got from your prior botox treatments. These are the temporary fillers most commonly used (juvederm, voluma, volbella, vollure, restylane).


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I took my skincare regime to the next level in order to try and combat the wrinkles and textural concerns i could see coming back at an alarming rate. While it is a bonus that the wrinkles around my eyes and forehead soften, i just love the way my skin looks so smooth, and pores are so much smaller. If you get a filler one time, it will eventually dissolve but will leave you with improved collagen growth in the area. For excellence in plastic surgery, please consider the office of renowned knoxville plastic surgeon david b. reath, md.


So what’s a girl to do? Commonly used fillers in our office are juvederm and radiesse. Here i am the day before i delivered my first daughter without a lick of makeup and i think my skin was looking pretty good. With that said, when a patient has used botox for an extended period of time, they tend to forget what the “before” pictures look like until we pull them out.


I stopped using botox and here is what happened

Your wrinkles will not get worse if you stop using botox. But in my world, once this baby is born and weaned, i will be first one back in line to get my first-class ticket! But luckily working at the best dermatology office, i was able to find all of the things i could use to help my skin look its very best. In fact, you are still better off having used botox and keeping the wrinkles from becoming fixed.


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And for anyone that has gone through pregnancy, you know this can be a challenge in itself since there are so many ingredients that you can’t use! The fillers “fill” your hollows and lines while they are present, and they dissolve slowly over time (12-24 months, depending on which filler was used), and you end up where you were before. You will not look worse if you stop getting injectables. You would expect your skin just to return to its original state and the wrinkles would slowly reappear.


“can i start and stop botox and fillers?” you ask. we answer.

You may chose to use fillers in your cheeks to gently lift and shape your face. We offer the latest advances in cosmetic surgery to help you look and feel your best. If you try botox a couple of times and never get it again, your face will return completely to how it was before. During these consults i also often got asked what happens when people stop using botox.


Basically, you have kept them from becoming fixed lines. Once you start your botox treatments again, though, you’ll be smooth again.



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