Should plastic surgery be banned?

Disadvantages of cosmetic surgery

She had five face lifts, liposuction, botox, and she did her eyes twice. A person might walk into the office to get a single change on their face or body but end up living with a lot of changes. A lot of people think i have breast implants because i have the biggest boobs in the business. As much as the healthcare employees try to prevent medical errors, they still can happen.


This severely increases the risk of diseases which can be detrimental to the person and may even cause death. Most people know that it is bad for them, but they continue to do it anyways. The society is making it difficult for both girls and guys to be free with their bodies. Frequently lead to death during a cosmetic procedure.


Cosmetic surgery should be banned.

Every procedure has its unstable tricks, including risks. Moreover, cosmetic surgeries lead to nerve damage. They should think twice before something insane is done. The most widely recognized protestations reported are migraines, regurgitating and delayed ache, extreme dying, and interim numbness.


Should cosmetic surgery be banned?

Another woman named jocelyn wildenstein also known as “cat woman” spent about 4 million dollars on plastic surgeries. According to a report issued by the world health organization, women who had undergone breast implants are developing lymphoma which is a cancer of the lymphatic system. They also want to be more attractive and fulfill their life satisfaction. Cosmetic surgery is a procedure that used to change the way someone looks.


The negative impact of restoratic surgery: the dangers of plastic surgery

When they share needles not only are they spreading the diseases that are around them, they are sharing blood which transmits blood born pathogens. According to the american society of plastic surgeons, americans spent on average about 16 billion dollars on cosmetic plastic surgery. Every cosmetic surgery has possible complications. Undergoing cosmetic surgery can be very addictive and hard to stop.


Argumentative essay on clean needle abuse

Because it could damage your blood supply. For example, it can cause skin cancer, it is detrimental to people’s health, it can be expensive, and it can cause the aging process to accelerate. For example when someone gets in a severe car accident, reconstructive surgery may be vital so that that person can live his or her normal life. Since breast augmentation is the most common procedure done, the average price of the procedure is 6,450 dollars.


Negative effects of cosmetic surgery

48 vitosha boulevard, ground floor, 1000, sofia, bulgaria You can get your custom paper from our expert writers This type of surgery is necessary because it falls into the medical. This type of surgery is done through taking blood vessels from one part of the body and then transferring it to the damaged area. Lastly, we think that people should be content themselves and do not be so hung up on their looks.


Reconstructive surgery

Have you ever wanted to change the way you look? Although you may have it in small places like the earlobes, it just might happen that your skin will fall off. They may perform a technique that bring about a complete restorative redesign that looks fake, like michael jackson, heidi montag. In conclusion, even though drugs are a major part in our society, whether it is taking a painkiller to help sore backs or taking a panadol to cure headaches, we have to acknowledge that drugs are not safe to use regardless of the situation.


Another major risk of cosmetic surgery is addiction. Even health professionals think this is extremely bad. The results will end up being unpredictable. As stated by the american board of cosmetic surgery, “the principles of cosmetic surgery are entirely focused on enhancing a patient’s appearance.” the reason why people choose to undergo cosmetic surgery is to improve self-esteem and confidence.


Cost of cosmetic surgery

This image does not necessarily say all of this. According to the u.s. food and drug administration, tanning can cause many different forms of skin cancer, some of which can be fatal. A standout amongst the most well-known error individuals make is utilizing the wrong specialist. The risks of surgery can cause fatal or deadly damage to your skin.


Negatives of plastic surgery

The sentinel events are the worst. In conclusion, cosmetic surgery can be broken into 2 groups, cosmetic, which is optional, and reconstructive, which is not optional but needed. Another risk associated with this procedure is over-aggressive fat removal. Surgeries are tough but after everything is over and done with, are teens really happy?


What is cosmetic surgery and what motivates people

Poor work performed by untrained doctors poses many problems in itself. Both of the side have their own reasonable reason based on should or should not ban cosmetic surgery. Getting breast augmentation, can cause women to have cancer such as lymphoma. There are many different kind of cosmetic surgery but the most common done by many patients is breast augmentation also known as “boob job”.


On the other hand, there are some people disagree with it. Cosmetic surgery should be banned because everyone is beautiful in their own unique ways. Although cosmetic surgery brings good to people’s life such as self confidence and self-esteem it can also bring risky life threatening causes. According to abc news, a women named cindy jackson set the world record into getting 52 plastic surgeries.


What exactly is this procedure for which so many people are willing to take the chance? Cosmetic surgery is often done to improve physical flaws or to achieve an ideality in society. Famous celebrities that you may know of such as donatella versace, michael jackson, and janice dickinson are good examples on why one should restrain themselves from getting plastic surgery. Using drugs wisely is important as it minimises the risks of our bodies undergoing trauma, thus proving my point that legal drugs are worse than illegal drugs.


By Dr. Leonard Tachmes

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