What hurts more tummy tuck or breast augmentation?

Benefits of combining tummy tuck with breast augmentation

The implants fill out the bust, while tummy tuck narrows the waistline. In fact, these are among the most common cosmetic treatments demanded by a majority of the new mothers looking to restore their body to its original shape. Rather, it is a combination of different cosmetic procedures designed to tackle a patient’s unique goals. Breast implants and a tummy tuck are a popular duo with las vegas-area women, and vip plastic surgery can help.


Then, we have a better contoured middle area achieved with the help of the tummy tuck. Tummy tuck (abdominoplasty) and breast implants (augmentation) are two cosmetic surgeries that may be done together. Body contouring can help slim down your waistline or enhance the size and shape of your natural breasts. This means that you don’t have to take time off from work again to undergo a different plastic surgery intervention on a different time.


Preparing for surgery

Click one of our representatives below and we will get back to you as soon as possible. But the plastic surgeon might recommend the extended tummy tuck that covers the sides of the tummy in case of an excessive sagginess in the area. Ask any questions before you sign it. Combining procedures like tummy tuck and breast augmentation into a single operation (rather than spacing them out into separate operations) is convenient for practical reasons.


When to call your healthcare provider

Many women deal with loose, sagging skin on their stomach or deflated breasts after dramatic weight loss, pregnancy, or the natural process of aging. Loose, sagging skin and stretched underlying abdominal muscles are common issues that plague many patients. The procedure doesn’t usually last longer than 1-2 hours. Our experienced providers are here and ready to get you the care you need.


Streamlines recovery

Below are some of the common reasons why women undergo mommy makeovers: The implant placement helps in filling the upper part of your breast and enhancing projection. This combination is sometimes referred to as a “mommy makeover.” here, esteemed los angeles cosmetic surgeon dr. george sanders discusses the advantages to combining breast augmentation and tummy tuck into a single operation. Read and understand the informed consent form. Dr. sanders and his team are proud to serve clients throughout the los angeles and san fernando valley areas.


A mommy makeover consultation

The procedure is very safe, and the breast implants we use in the united states are fda-approved. To maintain the results of your tummy tuck, take steps to not gain weight. Before anything else, when considering plastic surgery, the well-being and safety of the patient have to come first, before achieving the aesthetic benefit. Ask your doctor what makes you a good candidate for a tummy tuck and breast implants, and what your options are for size, shape, and surface texture.


A breast augmentation with a tummy tuck

A tummy tuck, or abdominoplasty, is a popular cosmetic treatment that aims to remove excess fat and skin around your abdomen and also tighten the abdominal wall. It is important to know that you will only go through the general anesthesia once instead of two times and there will only be one recovery period. A breast lift removes excess loose skin in the upper chest area, which is typical after significant weight loss, while also repositioning the natural breasts to a higher location before implants are introduced. Your doctor will also review the risks and benefits of the surgery.


Mommy makeover: tummy tuck and breast lift with implants

Breast implants are made of a silicone shell. This surgery is undertaken after pregnancy because the skin on the stomach has become loose and stretched. Let him help you achieve your aesthetic goals and enjoy your new appearance. Alternatively, you can install and use these secure and newest browsers: chrome | firefox | safari for macos | edge for windows Please upgrade ie 11 or later We detected that you’re using an older version of internet explorer.


The patient can wake up a few hours after the procedure and have not only bigger and more beautiful breasts, but also a smaller and sexier midline. If needed, stitches or drains will be removed at one of these visits. The procedure usually lasts no longer than 1-2 hours, but this depends on varying cases and on the type of tummy tuck to be performed. It involves the plastic surgeon putting incisions around the areola, under the breasts or at the level of the axilla to be able to create a pocket in the breasts, either behind or in front of the pectoral muscle, where the breast implants will be inserted.


Different kinds of implants

This error was generated by mod_security. Lastly, we can discuss the improved aesthetic result of undergoing multiple surgeries at once. The breast mound shape is typically better when the breast lift and breast augmentation procedures are performed in conjunction with each other. We have the mini tummy tuck that only covers the inferior part of the abdomen and is performed without the reposition of the belly button, or the complete tummy tuck which entails a lengthier scar, usually from one hip to the other on the supra pubic area, and another scar circular around the belly button.


The breast lift with implants

The shell may be filled with saltwater (saline) or silicone (gel). As the name suggests, a mommy makeover is performed on women who have had children. Once you are ready to go home, you will be released to an adult family member or friend. These two procedures are a popular cosmetic combination, and here is a look at why women are choosing this dynamic duo.


Consult with dr. sanders

Again, when it comes down to making this decision, the plastic surgeon needs to make a correct assessment and move forward from there. This may include injury to the breast or dimpling of the skin of your breast or nipple. Dr. sanders sees a lot of moms that are in good shape and look fit after having children, but still have reminders of pregnancy and nursing in the breast and abdominal areas. Many women interested in breast implants are seeking the coveted hourglass shape, and a flabby stomach area could be standing in the way of their goal.


Undergoing a breast augmentation with implants and a tummy tuck in the same intervention can change your body significantly and improve your appearance considerably. Contact us and schedule your consultation to find out if a tummy tuck and a breast lift with implants are right for your mommy makeover. One of the most coveted body shapes is the hourglass, characterized by a slender waist, ample breasts and full bottom. Let you doctor know if you have any questions or concerns during your recovery.


Meet with your surgeon before the day of surgery to ask questions about the doctor’s experience with tummy tucks and breast implants, your own surgery, and the results you can expect. Enhance your chest area with more size and shape while having a tighter, slimmer midsection, all at the same time. Early in his academic years at pontifical catholic university of puerto rico, he graduated with the highest academic distinction of his class and was accepted in an integrated plastic surgery program at the medical college of wisconsin in milwaukee Dr. wilberto g. cortés was born in puerto rico, the beautiful island of enchantment in the best curvescaribbean. You will have follow-up visits so your doctor can see how well you’re healing.


By Dr. Leonard Tachmes

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