What i wish i knew before getting a tummy tuck?

However, this can change from person to person, so your surgeon will give you the best advice on your personal recovery time. Steri-strips can be used on top of suture material and on incisions that are still open. As a general rule, you should limit strenuous activities for 6-8 seeks post op. Dr. sasa is an expert in performing facial plastic and reconstructive surgeries along with ent treatments.


Also, they will give your body a proper shape. It can be more painful for you after a surgical procedure. Our surgeons are also skilled with those prone to keloid scarring. Also, you may get some purges but you need to ask your surgeon in this regard.


Knew before your tummy tuck surgery

However, the placement of your scar can only be determined by how much your skin is sagging. Again, don’t stress, this will go down – it is a good idea to only bring loose, comfortable clothing with you. Your medi makeovers consultant will help you in purchasing the correct garments after you have booked in your surgery date. Sleep with your head and shoulders elevated for the first week to 14 days or however long your surgeon suggests.


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If you need a full tummy-tuck, but don’t have enough skin laxity (loose skin) for your surgeon to reach a low scar, then they have to place the scar higher. It you find it is putting pressure on your lower back to sleep elevated, simply prop a pillow underneath your knees too. You can opt for tummy tuck surgery at dubai cosmetic surgery clinic because we have the world’s best cosmetic surgeons on-board. Umbilicoplasty in which your new belly button is created is part of the procedure of tummy tuck.


10 things i wish i knew before tummy tuck surgery

Use two or three good fluffy pillows to keep your head up or perhaps a wedge-shaped pillow. Some looking for a tummy tuck as adament that there scar must be in their groin area and completely hidden by low rise underwear. You will need to wear these garments for a minimum of 3 months, so it is a good idea to purchase at least two – so you can wash and wear. After surgery, some surgeons instruct their patients to use steri-strips rather than silicone sheeting.


It is a good idea to bring some laxatives with you (be sure to show your surgeon as some products contain ingredients that counteract with other medications). When a full tummy tuck is done, the placement of the scar depends on how much loose skin you have around and above the belly button. Still, if you have any query, then feel free to discuss with us. For all tummy tuck procedures, you will have to wear compression garments – these are required to assist your body in reducing swelling and aiding your post surgery recovery.

Specifically, it is helpful for the people, who want to get their bodies in proper shape. As an estimate, almost 6 to 8 weeks are required to recover from the procedure. All our hotels, you’ll be able to call the front desk to send as many extra pillows for you as you’ve like. Some people, especially people with medium to dark skin are prone to developing keloids, although this can still occur – even when your surgeon does everything they can to reduce the possibility.


Don’t stress, you didn’t get fat overnight. It is because the scar goes through a series of healing before proper recovery and the process may take months. The medications and anesthesia may affect your mood badly. It may feel uncomfortable to put your garment on for the first time, this is usually after your drains have been removed, however most tummy tuck clients will tell you that they feel much more comfortable having the support of their garment – especially when moving around.


Your body will most likely ‘clog’ up after general anaesthesia and the medications you will be given. The reason as to why your belly button can look raised and as it is has ‘popped out’ is due to swelling. Your scar might look worse after the procedure during the recovery phase. But before you opt for the procedure, you need to know some essential things.


All of our surgeons are board-certified and they have extensive experience in dealing with different patients. We are always here to serve you with our professional services and outstanding results. In this blog post, we are going to tell you 10 things that you wish you had known before tummy tuck surgery. Also, you will get detailed insights into the recovery process.


Once the swelling has gone down, which can take anywhere from 4 weeks to 12 months (depending on your personal healing rate), your new belly button will look normal. This is also why it is a good idea to stay away from alcohol – even after the 3 weeks post op your surgeon will advise you of. Lay on your shoulders or head when you need to sleep. It may take up to a year for your tummy tuck scars to flatten and fade.


It is vital you do not consume any alcohol as it will only increase your swelling. Dr. sasa is a double european board-certified otolaryngologist and facial plastic and reconstructive surgeon with almost 22 years of experience in the field. You may stand accurately after the removal of your stitches. Tummy tuck which is also known as abdominoplasty refers to a procedure that helps you to get rid of the additional fats from your stomach area.


Another fact that you need to keep in mind is that you will not be able to stand straight for at least 2 weeks after your surgery. Over time the bloating will go down and your swelling will reduce. Also, you may ask your surgeon to make the belly button as per your desire. It is necessary for you to wear compression garments after getting the procedure as these garments will help you in reducing swelling and bruising.


Stay away from alcohol and smoking for at least 3 weeks after the surgery. Sometimes, if you are cold, they can even change colour completely. As a result of the tummy tuck, you may experience constipation due to anesthesia and other medication. These are ten major facts that you need to know about tummy tuck before going through the surgery.


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