What is a donut lift?

If it rests at slightly below the breast crease, then you a may be a candidate for minimal incision lift procedures (crescent or donut lift) with or without an implant. Great posted photos but in person examination always better. (darryl j. blinski, md, miami plastic surgeon) My over the internet guess is implant with donut lifting . 2) sometimes, the implant can be placed too low or drop over time. Seek out an experienced board certified plastic surgeon who should do several things in the consultation.


Tissue: the amount of breast tissue you have may help determine whether an implant can be positioned above or under the muscle. On top of the muscle, a rock in a sock deformity. Aesthetic surg j. You would do very well with an augment alone, but they will not be “high and perky”, and possibly larger than you are hoping for.


Breast implants donut lift

It is usually easier to reposition the nipple and areolae superiorly, but they may also be lowered if necessary, although this leaves an additional scar on the skin above top of the areola. (brian klink, md, vacaville plastic surgeon) I would, unfortunately, recommend the anchor lift. This is very difficult to combine and many surgeons will not perform both procedures at the same time. (richard h. fryer, md, salt lake city plastic surgeon) (theodore katz, md, facs, philadelphia plastic surgeon) Breast lift or breast augmentation? From the pictures that you submitted, i see a significant amount of drooping of your breasts. (james tang, md, houston plastic surgeon) (mathew c. mosher, md, vancouver plastic surgeon) I find that when my patients understand their options and their limitations, they can confidently make a decision about whether to have cosmetic breast surgery. From the photos, it appears to me that the areolas are pretty close to normal position.


the anchor incision

This situation can be fixed by repositioning the implant. There are ways to help incisions heal better and minimize scars, however any surgical procedure designed to dramatically change the shape of your breasts will have scars assoicated with it – it’s one of those trade-offs that you have to be comfortable with. 2018;38(4):374-84. doi:10.1093/asj/sjx181 Mastopexy and mastopexy-augmentation. Every patient deserves good advice even when they are hoping to avoid more extensive surgery.


the scarless lift

You look like you could have a breast augmentation only and have larger and less deflated looking breasts. They will be larger but they would hang even more. reference id: fd2f37a9-0e84-11ed-b5e7-54475659555a American board of cosmetic surgery. Take along some pictures of women with a similar frame to you who have the look you’d like to achieve. He should then do an examination, to include breast measurements (location of the nipples, location of inframammary folds, asymmetries) , breast exam for lumps, measurement of skin elasticity, etc. Secondly, he should take a thorough medical and family history (especially of breasts).


Breast augmentation: cost, reviews, photos

If this is the case, treatment consists of elevating your inframammary fold (i.e. (jason mussman, md, ) I think you could achieve great looking breasts with implants alone with a dual plane technique and properly selected implants. You appear to already be in the range of a large b, so i’m not sure if this is what you would be looking for. Nipple position typically does not change noticeably after augmentation (it looks different). If you have a lift at the same time then you can make the aerola smaller and maximize the perkiness, and position on your chest wall. (scott w. vann, md, facs, savannah plastic surgeon) Have a consultation and discuss all the options.


the lollipop lift

Correcting of nipple position after breast augmentation can be a difficult procedure. Also, depending on how far the nipple has to move, scars may be needed above the nipple. They do not change the shape, but make them larger. Egu oe, forouzanpour f. mild nipple asymmetry: using a supra-areola incision with crescent nipple-areola complex lift to address this problem in primary breast augmentations.


the crescent lift

If implants are required, i generally prefer smooth implants placed under the muscle using an incision under the breast. He/she should discuss the pros and cons of either separately or both together, along with the potential risks and complications, expected results and scars to expect. Later, after the breasts have healed, if you feel you would want them larger, then i would place in implants. Attempting to reduce the size of the areola may help “lower” the position by as much as 1 or 1.5 cm (reverse donut lift) but you really need to be careful because it can also make things worse in the long run.


2018;38(4):385-97. doi:10.1093/asj/sjx174 Harris r, raphael p, harris sw. liposuction-augmentation mammaplasty. I would also recommend a standard breast lift that involves an “inverted t” or “anchor” shaped scar as your only option for a breast lift. An implant may raise your nipple position several centimeters, but ideally you want placement to be in the center of the breast mound. The pictures show that your breasts are set rather low on your chest wall – this is a normal variant, and not really subject to change.a lift is done to correct sagging by elevating the areolas and correcting excess skin (either by removing it or filling out the breast with implants).


See a board certified plastic surgeon for your surgery. Qureshi aa, myckatyn tm, tenenbaum mm. My inclination based on just what i have here is to suggests implants (assuming you want to be larger) and an areolar reduction or peri-areolar lift if you are having an areolar incision anyway. (olivia hutchinson, md, new york plastic surgeon) The position of the nipple and areola should be centered over the breast, and with time their relative position may change. My advice to you would be to go discuss your options with a board certified plastic surgeon.


You have so much breast tissue and it hangs low enough that any option open to you has significant downside. (marcel daniels, md, long beach plastic surgeon) An above muscle implant would likely make you droopier and a submuscular implant would create a “snoopy dog” appeance which means that the nipple and breast gland would not be centered in the middle of the implant. Both can be done safely and at the same time for a fantastic result. Think of a baseball under a silk sheet. The use of silicone vs saline implants, placement of incisions and location of the implants relative to the underlying muscle (pectoralis major) should be discussed. (naveen setty, md, dallas plastic surgeon) It can be done, but it is technically difficult and sometimes there will be recurrence of the original problem.


Listen to what they have to say about how best to help you reach your goals. If you do want to be larger, you may want to cosider a breast implant. Upon consultation and examination your surgeon will be able to make a treatment recommendation to address your concerns. (christine sullivan, md, atlanta plastic surgeon) I would recommend that you schedule a consultation with a board certified plastic surgeon in your geographical area. In your photos your nipples arent necessarily low, so you would do well to talk to a couple plastic surgeons in your area and convey your goals, while making sure to clearly point out/explain the kind of results you are looking for.


Your breasts already have a significant amount of volume and therefore, i would not recommend placing in an implant. The reason for high nipples will help determine what needs to be done. A lift will also allow to make your areolas smaller (martin jugenburg, md, phoenix plastic surgeon) I am enclosing the information you are requesting about a breast lift (mastopexy) or enlargement (augmentation mammoplasty) . Scarring is always an issue, however not all african americans scar poorly.


Think of a baseball under a thick comforter. You still have lots of breast volume but the shape can only be improved with a donut lift. You definitely need a donut lift in addition to implants. Other options are available and can be tailored to your particular situation. (louis deluca, md, palm beach plastic surgeon) Maria m. lotempio, md, is double board-certified in plastic and reconstructive surgery and otolaryngology.


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