What’s better butt implants or fat transfer?

How is fat transfer done?

So you’ve made the exciting decision to move forward with a butt augmentation procedure in order to get that great backside you’ve always dreamt of. While both offer great results, it’s good to make an informed decision and select an option that can provide the best possible outcome. There are two popular techniques to choose from – butt implants and fat transfer. For example, if you are a petite or thin woman, the use of very large implants can make your booty look abnormal and unnatural.


He will also discuss with you the implant size options and help you choose a suitable implant. As long as you follow your la mesa plastic surgeon’s orders and don’t return to strenuous lifting or exercise before you are instructed to, wear your compression garments, and don’t lose a significant amount of weight after your procedure, you can expect your fat transfer to buttocks butt lift results to remain indefinitely. After putting the implants in the desired location, the plastic surgeon will suture and close the incisions. He will then place the implants under, within, or over the gluteal muscle.


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The purified fat is then injected into the buttocks. However, keep in mind that while butt implant surgery can also make your buttocks mildly shapelier if performed correctly, it does not focus on the shape of the buttocks. However, not all women can qualify for this procedure. When compared to implants, a fat transfer simply looks and feels more natural.


Should i choose butt implants or a brazilian butt lift?

The plastic surgeon will then start the procedure by making one or two incisions on the buttocks. The fat is placed directly into your buttocks. The area of the body that undergoes liposuction may have swelling and bruising that can last for up to several days. Instead, it uses the excess fat available in your body areas like the abdomen, sides, flanks, and upper back to add some projection and shape to your backside.


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If your buttocks are smaller and the condition is affecting your self-esteem, you may consider undergoing butt implant surgery. This procedure involves a limited amount of micro-liposuction to remove fat from an unwanted area that will then be used for enhancement. The plastic surgeon will examine your buttocks and ask about your goals. The results of the surgery will emerge entirely within the first ten weeks.


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Dr. christopher khorsandi with vip plastic surgery in las vegas has been performing these procedures for years, and is an expert at turning flat butts into fuller, shapelier rear ends. When you choose fat transfer for your butt augmentation procedure, you will have your own cells placed back into your body, not a foreign object. Two plastic surgery options can be used to improve the buttocks: via implants and fat transfer. Now you just need to decide if you want to use fat injections or implants to give you that envious butt.


I am slim. can i still have a bbl?

Fat transfer surgery can be used for a natural form of augmentation, in place of implants or fillers. Looking to enhance the size and appearance of your butt? If you’re a la mesa woman who is unhappy with the curves on her behind, you may be considering a butt augmentation surgery. The second option to augment the buttocks is through fat transfer.


Fat transfer to the buttock vs buttock implants

Another best thing about fat transfer surgery is that it is relatively safer than the buttock implant surgery. Most butt implants are filled with solid silicone with a very durable barrier to resist rupturing and deflating from pressure. The results are immediate and you will leave with your enhanced butt, unfortunately the butt implants only increase the volume of the buttocks, it doesn’t add shape/ curves to your hips. Adding some projection to the buttocks is a secondary goal of fat transfer.


The fat is then carefully injected into the desired areas. If you choose butt implants for a butt lift, you will have silicone implants (which are different than breast implants) placed in your buttocks. The bbl is best for patients who want to get shapelier buttocks with mild projection and natural results. On the other hand, butt implant surgery is the best option if you want to get permanently bigger buttocks.


Fat transfer vs. implants: which is best for enhancing my face and body?

Contact vip plastic surgery today to schedule a consultation to learn more about each procedure. Flexible silicone implants are inserted into or above the gluteal muscle via an incision that’s placed within the vertical butt crease on each side. Once you get butt implants, they are going to stay there for a lifetime. The results look and feel natural.


Because butt implants include a foreign object, there’s risk of rejection and infection.

However, butt implants use silicone implants – a foreign object. First, the fat is extracted from a pre-selected area of your body using liposuction. This risk makes a fat transfer to the buttocks a safer butt lift procedure for la mesa women that is more likely to take. It is extremely important for butt implants to be durable due to the weight of a person every time they sit or lie down.


Fat transfers or implants? what is right for me?

The plastic surgeon will then carefully inject the fat cells into the buttocks by using a special needle. You also need to do your research and find a highly-skilled plastic surgeon that specializes in butt augmentation procedures. The bbl is best for you if you desire to make your buttocks shapelier and add mild projection to your backside, instead of making the buttocks considerably bigger. They could drop, wrinkle or fold and this can have a considerable impact on the appearance of your buttocks.


Ideally, the goal is to achieve harmony between your butt size and other physical features like your body outline, bmi, etc. He will also measure your butt dimensions and consider your body outline before telling you as to what implant size and shape is most suitable for you. After making the incisions, the plastic surgeon will insert the pre-selected implants into the buttocks through the incisions. After the operation, the patient has to go through a complete recovery process. The aesthetic features of the buttocks play an essential role in defining your physical beauty, body outline, femininity, and self-esteem.


The bbl delivers natural results because it does not use external objects like gluteal implants to augment the buttocks. The fat injected into the booty during the operation will look, feel, and behave just like the fat in other areas of the body, which is critical for the buttocks to appear natural. If you’re looking to get a butt lift, it’s important to know that a fat transfer to buttocks and butt implants are two completely different procedures. Fat transfer to the buttocks is harvest fat from another area of the body.


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