Why you should not get breast implants?

Are the results worth the sacrifice?

Especially for those who are and have been experiencing ‘mysterious’ symptoms that doctors can’t figure out the root of, which is exactly what happened to me and every other woman who experiences side effects of implants, not just isolated to the area of the breasts. Immune system dysfunction allows opportunistic bacteria and fungi to grow out of control, causing serious bacterial and fungal infections in our body, producing large amounts of biotoxins that overload our organs. So, bad news for you if your scarring finally faded, they will have to use the same incisions. I did it so my clothes would fit better.


Ever wondered why that candida diet didn’t stick? I totally was motivated by insecurity and a lack of self-love. Public outrage and concern was so strong that several countries including france, the united kingdom, bolivia and venezuela agreed to pay for implants to be removed, even for augmentation patients. Another good way that is also very useful for pregnant women is increasing your breast size by using natural herbal breast enlargement creams.


Breast augmentation recovery

Implants can interfere with the detection of breast cancer in mammograms, as approximately 55 percent of breast tumors will be hidden in women with implants, not to mention the increased risk of rupture. news flash:  that is changing as of march, 2019 when the fda provided a warning to implant manufacturers threatening to take them off the market if they don’t provide more thorough data within 15 days If you feel like your body image has been negatively affected by profit-driven media or cultural ideals, you can harness your power in these four areas to take back beauty and help others do the same: *we have provided free consultation to plastic surgeons on how to help women use our work to develop their self worth outside of their breasts as an alternative to surgery, but have gone no further. Implants likely increase your odds of those conditions, unless we stop tempting them with the permanent stress in our body from them. When we say “cost” not only do we mean the actual expense of the procedure, but the potential consequences that come out of it. Saline implants do not require mris to check for leakage, and do not usually cost more than $5,000 to remove.


Can my breasts really deflate?

It affects our physical health in seen and unforeseen ways. Or why you have a hard time saying ‘no’ to sugar, carbs and caffeine? And sometimes the things we want to change or fix are things we were born with; other times, they’re the result of an illness or accident. It’s called epi-genetics but none of that applies when you have implants, because they turn “on” our gene mutations so the ‘bad genes’ can act out.


Does this sound familiar?

It wasn’t always that way and it won’t always be that way, but right now, fashion and beauty ideals often idealize this look. Been tested for brca? You’ll find many similar stories. There is a very common issue that women who get breast implants experience, it is called capsular contracture.


Don’t get breast implants

I face similar issues that you had which makes me want them out altogether. When we feel like “less than” we are, and when we feel beautiful we are… in my mind, the more that we let ourselves be perfectly imperfect the better we will be. Therefore, finding a natural way to improve breasts is the only best remedy that you can have. The fda says up to 40 percent of patients who get silicone implants will need another operation to modify or remove them within 10 years.


You will need more surgeries in the future.

But most plastic surgeons have the mentality “go big or go home.” even though i went to a conservative surgeon and wanted no bigger than a c-cup, i ended up being a full d-cup. Yes, my breasts are teeny tiny and yes, they have scars, but i feel amazing in my natural skin. All consultations $165 (normally $330) until the end of this month. I stand up every day as admin to support tens of thousands of women in the breast implant illness facebook groups who are lost, scared, confused…feeling deceived because they didn’t know these things before they said yes to implants.


The health risks are real.

Therefore, it is highly recommended that never go for breast implants if you want to live a natural & healthy life. This rate is higher in the 12-15 years old breast implants as compared to 20 years old implants, because older breast implants were developed from the thick content. :/ I can’t decide if i want them smaller or taken out completely. At what cost are women willing to pay to have larger breasts? Brain fog, itching, rashes and hair loss anyone?


Implants can hide the mammography image of a tumor, resulting in a delay in cancer diagnosis. In women with implants, their immune system has a full time, over time 24/7 job to do detoxing all of the 30+ chemicals the implants bleed, which over time, wears out and once it does, it has a harder time fighting off pathogens like candida, superbugs and other toxins we’re exposed to. Buy a different one! Breasts of pregnant women are unshaped in the period of pregnancy and after the painful process of child birth.


5. they destroy your immune system:

Proper diet should also be maintained while taking these exercises. I urge women to look at all of the pros and cons of breast augmentation before making any major decision. The continued use of breast implants, despite no long term research to prove their ‘safety’, is on part to be one of the biggest fda cover ups next to round-up/glyphosate, and i want to put it on the map by presenting to you, the research i complied over a year: I thought the line was on the other side of getting breast implants, but i now know i was wrong. When the immune system is impaired, your defenses are down which allows various infections in the body to grow, thrive and cause symptoms that replicate the common cold, flu, fatigue, allergy or who knows what, you just feel tired and don’t know why.


3. increased risk for suicide:

Because latest researches conducted by british health experts have revealed that the oil material start getting leaked in to the body after a specific time period. I knew something wasn’t right. These implants not only reduce the production of milk in the breasts but also become hurdles in the ways of milk and nipples. And so are all of these other heroic women who listened to the call within them that said ‘help’, and they answered.


Breast implant removal

Have you heard of a term called xenoestrogens? Or better yet, rock it anyway and prove to the world that nothing changes – literally nothing – when you go out wearing a top you don’t “fill out” as well you think you need to. I did it for me.” When you see these potential risks, you have to ask yourself “are breast implants worth it”?


Choosing to forego breast augmentation can be more empowering than going under the knife — and better for our health, too. I know so many people who have had issues with their bodies rejected implants and needed additional surgeries. But not one that we’ve been read, which makes it hard to believe. Yikes.


However, as we mentioned above that pregnant women should avoid the method of exercise to increase the breast size. They don’t deflate. It’s been 5 months and i am so happy! I tried everything holistic i could in bali, but it would resolve maybe 10% of the symptoms, temporarily.


By Dr. Leonard Tachmes

Board Certified Plastic Surgeon. Chief of Plastic Surgery, Larkin Community Hospital. Screenwriter. Former Art Gallery Owner. Currently is main editor and fact checker of streamingsurgeries.com, which is a non-profit Wiki about cosmetic surgery industry. Read more about him: https://twitter.com/DoctorT_SOBE